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Raja Ramalingam





"I was working in BEL from 1969 to 1992 and got voluntary retirement as Manager. I worked in various R&Ds - R&D 2, R&D 3, R&D 5 & R&D 12.


After voluntary retirement, I worked in BPL for 6 yrs and had a short stint, but hell-like experience in Saudi Arabia. Later again a short dwell in Reva electric car company and finally settled down in TVS group IT company Harita Infoserve and retired from there.


I have two daughters (both are engineers) - elder one is living in Atlanta, USA with her husband (neonatologist) and two children.  Younger daughter is living in Warrington, UK with her husband (Orthopaedic Surgeon) and two children. Now I and my wife are living in Bangalore in our own house.


The picture shows me, my wife and my younger daughter with her husband and two children who visited in July 09."





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